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Feeling or phenomenon?

In the context of this exploration, I am thinking of love not as an "inner feeling" or awareness of the comforts or confinements of affiliation, but as (here I grope for words) a life force, or way things (work, people, goods, help) move.  In this, the connection with "openness to new possibilities" is close, if the openness is not a matter of attitude or stance, but of interaction with the world that is part of our continuing to live -- like hunger, or, well, storytelling.  I know that millions of people don't get enough to eat, and that this is a failure of love, just as many live without the capacity or context for storytelling (I am thinking of the last ten years of my father-in-law's post-stroke life, but there are other examples). But that they fail  doesn't mean that satisfaction of hunger with eating and of storytellers with listening aren't crucial. 


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