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"Love is the first motion"

Reading this, the phrase that came immediately to mind was John Woolman's
"Love is the first motion"--meaning (I think) that love precedes action.

Or that it should.

I do try to remember that, when I can, and when am most angered: to act out of love.

It occurs to me that, if this group is exploring, @ its deepest level, the ways in which human intentionality affects evolution, and the emergence of life, and of all systems of aesthetics and meaning, then reflecting on the sorts of interactions we engage in, and what motivates them, should indeed play a significant role in our discussions (not to mention our interactions w/ one another).

This afternoon, @ work on a presentation to the "open conversation" arm of our project, I've been thinking a lot about the ways in which we might communicate with others (more evolved members of our species? other as-yet-evolved species?) across "deep time and space." And it occurs to me that most of the efforts to do so,  so far--to put warnings on nuclear waste, or send out messages in space ships--have been fueled less by love than by a desire to be seen, to be remembered as having lived lives that were meaningful and important.

Yep: to have been loved. To be loved.


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