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Change? maybe

To completely alter the essence of human nature is one thing. I don't think that's possible. The basics of human nature is set in stone: we need to eat, we reproduce, and we try to better our lives. However, certain aspects of human nature have changed over the years. It is not natural for our body to simply eat plants because we were made with teeth that could bite through meet. Yet we have found that it is possible to adjust our lives to reflect what we care about. If you notice, this is a very personal aspect of human nature - controlling what we eat and how we eat it – and if we are aware of a “problem” we can be open to altering our habits. But, on a grander scale, I don't know if there is such thing as controlling "human nature". Over the last few decades as humans have begun to eat fast food and cook with easier methods, we have become addicted to this easy way of living life. So, what really others may be calling human nature to eat such things, I think of as a need to eat certain foods. We are addicted. Can we stop this addiction? Probably. Will it take a full-fledged movement and a commitment to a greener earth? Yes. But is it human nature we are completely altering? No. We are simply changing our habits on a grand scale. And we cannot change the basic necessities that our bodies need.


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