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we have been changing, haven't we?

 To my knowledge, people have been changing over time. They have been changing their lifestyle, preferences, and even their natures. I second some people here who have been saying that people have been changing. 

Try looking back at those times when people had no specific place to live in and had to move around to hunt for food. They used bows, spears, and arrows to hunt animals. They killed and skinned the animals using knives made from metal and wood. They lighted the dry woods by rubbing the stones against each other to create a spark. Do we still do that now? Humans have changed, and so is the human nature.

We do not do things that were done years ago. Thanks to technologies and science we now live in a completely different nature than people in the olden days used to live in. Some human natures do not exist anymore. We do not do things that people in those years do. We are no longer living in the same human nature.

Then, what about the in-vitro meat? I totally think that it is doable, and who knows that in a couple of years we will have in-vitro vegetables? Through technologies and science, everything is possible and they contribute in changing the human nature. It is just a matter of time, but other than that, we HAVE BEEN CHANGING our human nature. Once again, thanks to technologies and science.


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