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the hope for no catch

In class we tried really hard to pinpoint an exact definition of "human nature". After going back and forth between a binary and a loop description, we didn't come to a consensus. Personally, I feel like human nature simply boils down to instincts. It is our feelings, our reactions, our survival tactics. Human nature are the things that our ancestors did, and what we are now prone to do.

I'm not sure if this nature of ours is genetically ingrained in us from years and years of doing the same habits or if it is learned from our culture, but I definitely feel like it can not change. We will always be selfish and want more than we need. We will always want to overextend our power. We will always do whatever it takes to survive. And I think that we will always be meat eaters, as sad as that is to me.

As for fake "invitro" meat? If they can possibly come close to a yummy substitute, I definitely think it could revolutionize the world of the meat eater! It could be a great option. Then again, as we've seen with everything else that we thought was organic and good for the planet, the production of fake meat will inevitably have a catch. This production will probably affect us in a more negative ways than positive. So hopefully this future "non-meat meat" industry won't have the catch that Pollan seems to find in everything else we all assumed was good.




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