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We Need to Change our Society, Not Human Nature

It is human nature to want to survive, which in prehistoric times meant eating food whenever it could be gathered or caught, and thinking about immediate consequences rather than future consequences.  Today, our human nature is still to survive, but surviving in today's world is much different than in prehistoric times. Now we can instantly gratify ourselves, and "surviving" is not as hard to do as before.

In present day, it is so hard for people to grasp how their actions effect the future, especially if what they do won't impact their own lives. What is the motivation for people to change their habits if it won't change their lives by next week?  Why should people choose to eat organic or buy a fuel-efficient car? If people aren't aware of how their actions impact the world around them and future generations, people will see no reason to change their actions.  When people see how their actions can harm themselves in the future and the health of the planet, it will motivate them to gain a new prospective on what their priorities should be.  

It is not really human nature that we need to change, but how our society works as a whole.  Without the motivation to survive, news about the degradation of the planet and health problems related to certain foods would not stir action.  People are now doing many things to try to reduce their impact on the world.  It is important to keep human nature because it is a motivator for change.





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