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Human Nature

 I also agree that it would take a lot of effort and time in order to change the nature of humans at this point. That being said, there have been various instances at which society has changed significantly. Often, these changes take time and require a lot of conflict. It is not possible to come about change on a societal scale in a short period of time. The movement towards lessening out dependance on fast food will take a very long time because at this point it is such an integral part of our way of life. I do not eat fast food all of the time, but it would be odd to me if it was eliminated all together. I dont know if it is possible to completely change human nature though. For instance, there are always going to be people are center their worlds around themselves, but there are also people who are all about helping out others. With these two extremes, it would be hard to make one become like the other and vice verse. There are some things like that which we just cannot change completely.   


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