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human nature....

 ;I don't think human nature is subject to change. &nbsp;True, enforcing vegetarianism on everyone might eventually lead to some evolutionary change in our teeth or digestive tract, but how can we use a process that takes millions of years to help us change behavior now? &nbsp;I think that, especially regarding the very brief amount of time there has been of recorded human civilization, human nature has remained essentially the same. &nbsp;That is why the works of Jane Austen still appeal to us and are relevant~ because they focus on humanity, not culture. &nbsp;Reading her novels for me is like reading any modern story of personalities~ the only difference is the culture that surrounds it. &nbsp;If human nature is survival, and culture a means to ensure better, more efficient, social survival, then culture must be constantly changing to affect, constrain or encourage certain natural human behaviors, depending on what we think is most likely to aid in our survival and fulfillment. &nbsp;</p>

<p>As for invitro meat... I think it's our attempt to have it both ways. &nbsp;Which is silly. &nbsp;Have meat, or don't have meat. &nbsp;Trying to acquire some meat substitute (which will never be as satisfying as the real thing) is just asking for trouble. &nbsp;Like eating fat-free ice cream.</p>


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