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Human Nature?

I feel that there is no single, generic definition of the word nature. One person's nature can be quite different from that of the person he or she is sitting next to. Everyone has their own nature based on their experiences and how they were raised. For instance, it is natural for me to eat meat in almost every meal. However, it is not the same nature of a person that has never eaten meat in their life. Changing nature is something that can be done, but isn't done so easily. The fact that many people have different natures, different needs and desires, it makes it extremely difficult to make change happen.

If we were to change, it would have to start small. You can't all of a sudden change people's ways and expect a positive outcome.Chaos would arise. If the changes occur slowly, it is quite possible for people to adapt and grow accustomed to it without any complaints. Should we change? I'm not quite sure. However, somewhere along the line there will be a need for change.




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