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..for sake of sustainability, yes!

It was somewhat shocking to me when I read that the population of the world is estimated to be around nine billion by 2050. If our resources are beginning to be a problem now, how can that possibly become any better 41 years from now? Resources would be much less of a problem, had we begun thinking about them 50 years ago...but because that did not happen people are going to have to alter their lifestyles sooner or later. I am always surprised to see people driving around in "gas guzzlers" simply because they like the style of the car, even though it is not sensible, nor eco-friendly for someone who does not have the need to haul anything but themselves. I mention this point because everyone has been living without limitations for so long that everyone has become stuck in their ways. No one wants to do anything out of their comfort zone, even if it is for the sake of the environment. I can't name everything I think is human nature and everything that isn't, but in my opinion it really does not matter. If people had to eat meat made in a petry dish...I would hardly say that is a sacrifice. People already live without meat, and if they can do it I'm sure others could live with a meat substitute. Meat will not look the same, but if it tastes the same...why not? It's about time people made a bigger sacrifice for the sake of sustainability. I don't know if we can change human nature or not, but I think we are all going to find out. 


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