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tell me a story

I like the idea that science is in many ways really just a story,everyones story. we all see the world from our own perspectives making it impossible for there to be anything conclusive about our observations in the sense that, I will always observe with my own eyes and how can someone else truly see what I see. There will always be truths in science and in life (science is life) but they will be the truths that we each have come to our own conclusions on never being able to become (T)ruths. Of course there are facts in science but those are because people stop asking questions and whoever has decided that their conclusion makes the most sense and enough people believe them bingo bango bongo you get yourself a $100 bio book.

With that said I really think this whole process is really beautiful although daunting that notion that we will forever be revising our "stories" I think its the reason we are all here in the first ask questions and never completely settle for (T)ruths.


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