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Last Week's Discussion

So far I have been really enjoying our class discussions as they have deconstructed many of my previous thoughts about science. For most of my life, I have had an immense fear of science, mostly because I was scared of being wrong. I felt that science was too rigid and didn't allow for mistakes. You had to be right and that was that.

Yet, this class has made me more confident in my sometimes silly and simple observations. My simple summary of observations could lead to something greater than I had originally envisioned. I appreciate that even the greatest scientists must go through the same "loopy" process that I do in order to obtain results. Most importantly, this "loopy process" removes the fear of making mistakes. I no longer fear making mistakes because I know it is integral part of the process; I need to make mistakes in order to modify and improve my summary. I know now that the goal is not be right, but instead to be less wrong.

I also found the discussion on Truth and science to be particularly interesting. This way of thinking seems more exciting than just simply believing what others before me had discovered. This mindset of not taking science as truth forces me to always be inquisitive and question what I have been taught or told. It forces me to search beyond texts and find the observations that led to those proposed thoughts. This method is asking me to constantly question, think, formulate, and reformulate ideas. I find this  method far more interesting and challenging then just taking everything I hear for face value. Most importantly, it allows me to contribute my ideas and thoughts to science, with the goal of crafting a better, "less wrong" idea.


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