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 I think you're right, that

 I think you're right, that the subjective nature of science can lead to versatility within the field based on personal biases. I also think that this is important in terms of maintaining balance. Despite the fact that we have talked in this class about the subjectivity of science, many people look to science as objective fact. Here, this subjectivity is both a cost and a benefit. The drawback is that because of the disconnect between the public conception of science and its reality, a opinion-tainted "fact" will be accepted as truth by the average person, and in that regard, a scientist has a dangerously important role in determining what truth is in a given society. The benefit, however, is that with so many people doing science from their own biased perspective, the individual biases will hopefully cancel each other out and we will all have a variety of truths from which to choose.


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