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Reflection on Week 1

 Once I heard Professor Grobstein say that science does not deal with creating Truth but creating mistakes and having success failing I thought he was going crazy! It is interesting how all that is needed to create a breakthrough in science is to simply create observations and hope to be wrong to then come up with a better and stronger idea/ observation. The idea that experimenting within the field of science is an ongoing process of simply telling "stories" makes the "natural world" around us a playground full of adventures waiting to be discovered. With this incentive we as scientist can figure out was is wrong and create a better social communities. This week I came to understand that biology is a very useful tool to help create new ways of thinking and analyzing ideas. Although it might create skepticism, this is the beauty of science. Being constantly in question of the observations and summaries that one has created to create satisfaction in theories. The "loopy" scientific method has helped me embrace with more confidence the idea of what science is and how it is a process.  


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