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Science: Not Cut-and-Dry

Truth be told, I have in the past thought of science as Truth (capital t). Though I always approach ideas with skepticism, I always assumed that there are Truths in science, and regarding issues we have not come to conclusions about, that there is a Truth out there.

I think it is these assumptions about science that caused me to view science as inaccesible to me, or somehow above me. Although I understood that science was extremely relevant to my life and appreciated it's importance in the modern world, I thought that I, as someone who tends to lean towards humanities and social studies, was not cut out for science. I thought that science, while extremely interesting, was too cut and dry for me.

After this weeks discussions, I understand that in science there isn't a single right answer to a question or an issue. It is a never-ending process, it is subjective, and it can be interpreted different ways. These are all aspects I love about, say, interpreting literature or considering history.

Now I realize can think about science using the same mental tools I use in my humanities classes, and that's a big step for me.


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