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 Hi my name is Sophie and I am a sophomore here at Bryn Mawr College. I really enjoyed taking biology in high school and I'm excited to delve more into how biology affects our lives more deeply in this course. I suppose the quesions I would like to answer are: 

1) How biology relates to my main field of study, political science. I'm sure that biology plays a huge role in how we form public policy especially with the current health care debate and swine flu insanity but I'd like to learn more about what specifically it affects in our government. 

2) I would like to understand better how the immune system functions. I was recently asked to describe the way the immune systems worked and was almost entirely stumped. I think it is kind of important to know how our bodies work, and I'd like to understand how we fight off disease, as well as how we become ill.

3) I think we've all heard that humans are 99.8% the same, or something along those lines anyway. I'd like to understand how we can be similar yet have such a wide variety of appearances and personality types- as well as predispositions to illness, etc. 


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