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Hello! My name is Emily (Emdoscio). I am a fresh(wo)man at Bryn Mawr. Like JJ, the last time I had biology was in 9th grade-- only I didn't have the greatest time. I liked what we were learning, but not how we were "learning" (speeding through) it. The same was true in a summer chemistry course. I really love to write (creatively), and my questions about life-- even the scientifically-based ones-- tend to evolve from a personal level. For example, the number one question I've had for years now is one that I first asked after my dad passed away: 1. Is there any way of knowing an atom's past/history? What has a particular molecule been used for? Can certain atoms evoke certain feelings (like very physical art)?

I also became slightly obsessed with "being organic" and having good nutrition after his heart-attack: 2. How do artificial flavors, trans fats, and preservatives affect human action/emotion? I've noticed mood swings in myself, but maybe I'm just a big pansy.

Related to that question: 3. Is it possible for an American to be "100% organic" in our heyday of vending machines? I've heard that corpses haven't been as easy to cremate in the last decade-- meaning people are more fire-proof (ew)-- because of eating more preservatives and because of wearing fire-proof clothing (sorry I can't site here; don't remember).

There you have it, more than you ever really wanted to know about me in my introduction. A tout à l'heure!



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