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Hi I'm Terrible2s. I'm using this name for other classes on Serendip and would like to remain anonymous (online at least). I am a current sophomore at Bryn Mawr. I have so many thoughts and questions about life, but mostly I am interested in human nature. I am currently taking classes which encompass the mental and emotional components of human nature and I would like to explore the biological side of human behavior. I would like to explore interdisciplinary work and find answers to such questions as follows:

1) How do physical body reactions trigger psychological phenomenons? Are there many connections between biological and psychological tendencies? Do psychological reactions trigger biological ones? Can this connection be explained? Are there medical advances due to research on this topic?

2) Can we predict any sort of future human evolution? Will the "poorly" designed features such as our eyes or useless (vestigal?) organs like the appendix eventually ever be fixed or gotten rid of out of the evolutionary process?

3) Are there any large technological advances in technology that will change the course of our evolution? Health? Lifespan?



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