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The truth about teaching

I couldn't possibly read all that Paul posted in preparation for tomorrow's lecture. but as I completed halfway down the long essay, I wanted to say that for me, teachjing is the truth and that I haven't yet found my reality. "One may not know exactly how to get any of these places, and may not even expect actually to do so, but one at least has a motivation for living, some sense of direction, and some standard by which to evaluate progress." So Paul has summed it up in a nutshell for now, but teaching is an ongoing hike through the unknown- for me. I am sure that students have come to undferstand my path and some have joined with me in understanding. But mostly, it's been a lonely journey that I hope will lead me to truth and reality, or maybe reality and truth.

Five minutes later...and I read all that Paul wrote. Someone please bring me into the Taoist fold, because I am of the persuasion of not knowing this way. However, I do agree with Paul, albeit what I actually understand and what I think I understand of the human condition..."We can all use a broader context, but there are, it seems to me, some real benefits to having it come from the inside and be revisable, rather than from the outside and be fixed/eternal."

All quotes are from Paul Grobstein's writings.


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