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Rachel Roberts and Stephanie Dubin's Collaboration on lesson

The lesson started us off by writing a quick story and reflect on it as learners. We were asked to analyze what kind of learner we were and what would the teacher need to do to benefit us. We used what we knew about what kind of learner we were in order to be able to determine what the teacher had to do to aid us.
We are unclear on how to address the needs of all of our learners now that they are aware of how they learn best.
I am concerned that the child will box themselves in and become dependent of that style and wonder if they would still flourish being exposed to other teaching styles. "Will they sink or swim?"

Title: The Web
Objective: The students will have an introduction to food chains and be able to develop questions about what they learned.
• Food chain photographs
• Science Journals
• Rubber Spider
• Teacher will give students time to look at the photograph of the fly in a web, and ask them to write in their sciece journals what they think is happening in the picture.
• Students will be share with small groups their predictions, and come up with one predictions to share with the rest of the class.
• Students will share group predictions.
• Teacher puts a picture of a spider and asks students to guess the next picture and repeats this for the snack card and hawk card.
• Teacher talks to children about food chains and charts other food chains students come up with.
• Teacher asks children why there are food chains and are they necessary.

• The teacher assigns half the class the topic of the importance of food chains and the other half the lack of need for food chains.
• The class finishes with open discussion

Student write they learned about the importance of food chains, and questions they would still like to investigate.


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