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09Jul09 re: yesterday

Some personal information, I think in pictures.  As I am realizing that my brain has since yesterday constructed new pathways, and networks, I am beginning to be able to process, and produce meaningful output to what I interacted with yesterday.  What came to my mind initially is the scene from the movie “Mr. Holland’s Opus” when ‘Mr. Holland’ is trying to help a middle school aged red haired student discover her potential on the clarinet.  She begins to cry and confides in him that the rest of her family are musical geniuses, and that she is fearful that she will not be able to perform as well as they expect her to.  ‘Mr. Holland’ ask her what she likes best about herself; she replies her hair, which reminds her of the sunset.  He then tells her to “play the sunset.” 

Play the sunset.  How simple and yet a profound concept.   When we introduce, or re-introduce educational material to our students, we sometimes expect every moment of every class period to be interactive and responsive.  Although I really tried yesterday afternoon, I could not make any cogent response to all of the information I was processing.    As a very young child experiences the sunrise for the first time, they may be completely captivated.   As teens, they may have a vampire like response to the sunrise, covering their heads, and hoping it goes away.   Later in life, they can again appreciate the sheer beauty, wonder, splendor and illumination of the event we call the story of sunrise.

“Langston’s Ant”     I used to not understand a meaningful use for this lovely simulation, last night, one just jumped out at me.  Maybe the “story” I can use for the ant, is that it is a model of how neuron work.  Neurons will complete a series of interworking s until they are able to build connections to other neurons.   The label of barrier, may not need to be barriers at all, it is like previous input, which may allow, and encourage the neuron to make connections faster, rather than slower. 

My brain is more developed today than it was yesterday…later today, I am hopeful that I will continue to grow and become more of who I am in the process of becoming.



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