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Yes, and we're back to the question

So, I read your post and I'm back to the question we were mulling around this morning---what is the purpose of school/education? Should we model Geelong Grammar School's emphasis on positive psychology? Is the notion of training kids for lives of happiness off the target? Are we educating them for jobs, to be productive members of their communities, to fit a particular model? Are we educating them to know themselves or know basic skills?

I don't think that it has to be an either/or and that by disrupting our definition of the purpose for education we might just knock some of the edges off the current standardized testing/admission's goal organization found in many school communities.

Your point about asking a teacher to individualize for a class of 30 is a good one. Have you read some of the Edutopia articles about the use of technology to disrupt class and make all education student centered?


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