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Re: "Too Good to Be True"

While re-discovering the emergent process as a learner, I am slightly reticent to publish a blog/ web site, feeling much like a neophyte.   What conceptually seems to be interactive, interesting and well researched, may well seem prehistoric to other educators and learners.  Although I actively seek professional development opportunities, which enrich my learning and teaching practice, I am finding/ feeling less able to reconstruct a synergistic learning environment. 

Yes, the internet provided outstanding real time, relevant, research based, student directed, inquiry methodology.  As the article lists the cons, however authentic, accuracy and reality are often blurred on-line.   Many search engines pull the most visited term in its search process, rather than the most relevant, accurate and academically rich environment.

With the recent death of Michael Jackson, many news organizations web-sites have become increasingly popular due to media coverage.  CNN’s web-site for example most frequently visited .com for world news, for example, but may not be top ranked for Michael Jackson coverage.  Teaching our students how to utilize web searches  ( how search engines rank topics) with discriminating of reliability may need to be a pre-skill to emergent virtual education.  Unlike teaching students that The National Inquirer may not be as reliable source as National Geographic magazine.   Within teaching usage of the internet, we need to need to model the validity of multiple web resources: .com, .gov,.edu, or .net.  We also need to also teach the value of search engine, Google, Ask, Bing, of Craig’s List , Department of Education, for example have different  data bases from which they search.



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