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I honestly think that a lot

I honestly think that a lot of our social world works through emergence.  In corporations, they often use the term "brainstorming" -- but I find little difference between the concept of brainstorming (that is, many people discussing a common goal from different perspectives) and emergence.  As for relationships with relatives, I have definitely learned through emergence; my whole life basically spawned itself from conversations, thanks to my parents.  My parents told me, recently, that they made a pact never to tell me "no" but rather, to give me several detailed options -- then, the choice was mine.  I asked questions, I experienced.. I learned.  I think, in many ways, this can be seen as emergence.  On the flipside, in religion, I find this a very interesting topic: from my knowledge of religion, having been raised Roman Catholic, I found that there was little room for discussion of the topic and more emphasis upon cold, hard facts.  This could be different in other religions, of course. 


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