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An important discussion

An important discussion point today, I felt, was the fact that there are infinitely many summaries that can be made about one distinct thing.  Even though we knew the computer-programming for the ant in the example, we all made up distinctly different summaries because our observation points differed: we had different cultures, personalities and creativity levels.  However, just because there was a factual basis for what the ant accomplished, there were infinitely many ways to interpret this factual basis.  This applies to real life diversity and acceptance.  I believe that the ant example helps us appreciate the value of different perspectives, rather than arguing for an ultimate "truth."  I believe that the ant example should emphasize that stories in science are simply using facts to fit a situation, and that the facts only provide character with which a story is created.  This creation of a story is subsequently influenced by our own distinct environmental factors; therefore, there are many interpretations and never one "right" answer.


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