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The Brain

The brain is every changing, so here is my story.

At the start of the Institute, my memory banks took me back to my college days taking psychology classes learning about the conscience and unconscious brain and its effect on behavior.  I feel as though my brain has been on virtual field trip.  I feel as though I have been on trip on the “Way Back Machine” with Mr. Peabody from the Rocky and Boo Winkle show.

Continuously, throughout my time at the Institute I took many trips in time.  During my journeys time, I realized how and why it takes time to process, to learn something, to analyze, to synthesize numerous inputs, that creates brain function that translates into behavior.

My experience at the Brain and Behavior Institute has been eye opening, empowering, and renewing.  Initially, I thought, the concept of “Emergent Thinking” was a foreign concept for me.  As the Institute progressed, I realized that the frame work of emergent thinking has been transforming the way I think, the way I behave, and continuing to infuse into in every facet of my life.  I am a work in progress that is ever evolving.





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