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Initial thoughts...

"She's poetry in motion..."  She blinded me with science by Thomas Dolby


Ever changing...growing knowledge

Thoughts about today so far...

  The concept of open ended transactional inquiry allows for learning, experimenting and growing in things: I know I don’t know, I thought I knew well, and things I want to know more about.  The process of “knowing” remains a term with relative and abstract ramifications.  In the years since I first “discovered” the Brain and Behavior Institute, I have become more comfortable with the concept of usable stories.  Science to me helps understand the mysteries of God’s creation, without fear of competing values.  I can accept that I have a set of values tied to knowledge, understanding and experimenting, which are intrinsically valuable to me.     

  Sometimes it is difficult to separate my opinions/ premises’ from my understanding of my conclusion, or the “crack” the reasoning that I apply to my making sense of the usable observations.   How useful my summaries may or may not be to others is an area of struggle for me as an educator.


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