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Here is a wonderful FREE opportunity for anyone:

Woodstock Revisited

For anyone who wonders what is was like,
 and for those who were there...

Wednesday, August 12
6 p.m. – 8 p.m
Penn State Great Valley
Register Here 


August 2009 will mark the 40th anniversary of the Woodstock Festival, three days of peace and music that became one of the most well-known pop cultural events of the 1960s. Woodstock conjures images of rain, music, drugs, rock and roll, dancing, and free love. But what was Woodstock really like?

Find out from those who were there, on Wednesday, August 12 when Michele Hax, contributor to the new book Woodstock Revisited  shares stories and perspectives from everyday people who were there. Hax, a sociology professor, actively participated in the politics of the times and often lectures on the 1960s, and infuses her lectures with a unique perspective by  juxtaposing the sixties with today’s socio-political turbulence.

"What we hope to do is provide a flashback experience, to give everyone a taste of the sixties—and the phenomenon that was Woodstock. We'll do the presentation sixties style, facilitating an open and interactive dialogue about the late 1960s, the legacy of Woodstock, and how it mirrors, or does not mirror, events happening today," says Hax.

 Also at the event, Joanne Hague, author of the new book Woodstock: Peace Music and Memories and founder of the Woodstock Preservation Society, will  display photos she has restored from Woodstock 1969.  

The evening will end with a Woodstock mixer – photos, sounds and snacks from the times. Anyone who was at Woodstock is asked to “come as you were” to share your stories and reminisce with other Woodstock alums.  The evening is free! 

If you were at the Woodstock festival in 1969, we want you to be our special guest.  Please e-mail Suzanne at to let us know you will be attending.



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