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Bathroom Scale

I liked Paul's lesson about scale, and his visual prersentation was spectactular.

If I think of "A" Scale...I think of my lifetime weight gains and losses. Why does the scale in the bathroom have a different number than the scale in the gym and the scale at Weight Watchers?

But on the other type of scale, I like what Dalia wrote about the FOSS measurement unit. I think it's a great idea about measuring objects on a different scale. I also liked discussing with Jill the lesson on measuring rooms in real feet (chiildren's feet are outlined and used to measure rooms). I once drew an outline of one of my feet and it measured exactly 12 inches from heel to toe.

I like what we did last week in this institute: It allowed for genuine inquiry into each other's "idea box" which are of course chock full of great ideas and memories of great lessons to share with other teachers.


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