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traits learned from emergent pedagogy

It was interesting to hear a different perspective on the emergent pedagogy and some other possible problems in its application.  But, I am a bit confused by your first argument, that "a good classroom should not force values (or modes of life) upon the students."  Is there ever such a thing as a value-neutral classroom?  In a discussion between Brie, Paul, and I, Brie pointed out that in a lecture style classroom, there is no discussion, and that the professor is just feeding information to his/her students.  How is that a value-neutral setting?  Shouldn't it be more important that education is more focused on what is best for the students, and is not based on the theory?  Even if they don't know it, an emergent classroom could give students what they actually need, instead of what they think that they want.

    In regards to your second argument, what are some other instances that we can use to exemplify how an emergent pedagogy forces a particular mode of life upon the students?  I think that the situation that bvallabha brings up is very applicable to positions that some students are in.  The student in his example wants to get good grades and do well so that she can get a job that will be able to financially support her family.  I think that it is entirely possible for her to still support her family after being exposed to an emergent pedagogy.  Many people feel that the purpose of an education is to prepare students for their future.  But, as Dalke et al. say, "Education serves a variety of functions.  We think none is more important that assuring that all humans have the capacity to think for themselves, in order to function effectively in the local, national, and world context that are themselves complex emergent systems."  If students gain the capacity to think for themselves and the ability to work well in interactive groups, it seems like those traits learned from an emergent pedagogy will allow for the student to have a better chance at excelling in her profession, and in turn having the financial means to support her family.


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