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inquiry today

Posted here, separate from a direct reply to my earlier thoughts on Inquiry, as well as a direct response below.

Right now it feels like the top of my head has blown off!!! 

For the last 50 years I would have sworn that 2+2=4, that it was an absolute TRUTH.  Now, thanks to Paul's loops and my appreciation of his redefinition of the scientific method as a summary of observations, I have to allow for the possibility of a true observation that 2+2 may not equal 4.  I've seen the false 'proofs' that 1+1=0 and will look beyond them and the charlatans that put them forth, but lurking in the future is the real possibility that 2+2 may equal something other than what I know as 4.  OMG!!

Bharath is right, an infinite story model will not work, my metaphor about the sailboat allows for lots of stories, but with a specific goal in mind and a skipper at the helm, reaching that goal with the help of his crew, the tacks to starboard balanced with the tacks to port, the mast leaning to the right balanced with the mast leaning to the left, the bow riding high over the crest of a wave balanced with the bow diving towards a trough.



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