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What does inquiry mean

  • What does inquiry mean to you?
  • Inquiry means different ways of teaching and learning with the goal of developing the thinking of the student.  The teacher needs to match their teaching style to the needs of each student.  It is also important to increase the students motivation to learn and explore so that they can become an independent thinker and learner.


  • How have you or how would you like to use inquiry-based education in your classroom?
  • I will pay more attention to my lesson plans so that I make it more effective and interesting to the students.  I hope to start by asking questions, then have students explore them through inquiry, and also to end with project in the classroom to show that they have an understanding of the material.   This will be done in in the classroom to help them be more independent with homework at home.  It is important to pay more attention to developing the thinking of the students and to give them more support to their specific needs.


  • What other classroom issues, stratagies or pedogogy are you interested in?
  • Because I am teaching a second langugage, I find that students often have problems with memory.  How can I help them with memorizing and retaining information, and concentrating. I also hope to learn more about helping students with phonetic reading, organizational skills, and responsibilities with homework. I am preparing them for middle school, so it is important that they leave with these specific skills.


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