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I believe inquiry learning

I believe inquiry learning is the acqusition, synthesis, and internalization of knowledge through a user directed discovery process.  I guess it is a form of Just-In-Time (JIT) learning ... so the learning is relevant and also personal.

Inquiry is great but I believe it must be directed and guided to better utilize the minimal time I have with students.  I love open-ended guiding questions since they focus the students on our goals.

I have quarterly (or marking period) math projects that require the student to do scholarly research, explore new personal intersts,  and present their results to the class, in a way they want (PPT, poster, essay, poem, rap, paper, song).

As a teacher, I try to bring real-world experiences and applications when I introduce topics.  I hope that students get excited about particular topics and take this to the next level.  I always make time for students outside of class to help.  I personally model what I expect from students.


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