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Cultural evolution, perhaps

Cultural evolution, perhaps according to Hustvedt, is about moving forward and not delving deeply into the past.

I agree with that, mostly, because it is only by moving forward that we are able to make any progress socially, morally... but the past is important. Knowing where we came from is humbling; it allows us to know ourselves and to find a pace to walk with. 

I often feel like Americans are eager to stand still, to keep their culture stagnant and unchanging. Yes, we've elected Obama, and yes, things are starting to change, but it's as that change is occurring that resistors and standing taller and digging their heels in.

Why are we so objected to change? In education, civil rights, and other social matters?... I suppose is comes down to what one views as "right" and "wrong." There are certainly changes that individuals have proposed that I don't agree with. Does that make me resistant to change? Is there an inevitable change we have to look forward to? Or is it like evolution, just going...?


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