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I've noticed that in class

I've noticed that in class we've been using the term "unconscious" frequently. Should we maybe be using the word "subconscious" in the context of this course?

After looking them up in the OED, I came across these definitions:


1.a. Not conscious or knowing within oneself; unaware, regardless, heedless.

2.a. Not characterized by, or endowed with, the faculty or presence of consciousness.

2b. Temporarily devoid of consciousness.



a. Partially or imperfectly conscious; belonging to a class of phenomena resembling those of consciousness but not clearly perceived or recognized.    

b. Pertaining to the subconscious; belonging to that portion of the mental field the processes of which are outside the range of attention.

B. absol. as n. Psychol. The part of the mind that is not fully conscious but is able to influence actions, etc.


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