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Week 11

An interesting thing happened to me today. It goes back to the first half of the course, but it does say that I can write about anything. I remembered our discussion of the fossil record and was curious to learn more about it. A google search came up with very little factual information and a lot of people's opinions about evolution. All of these people made me very frustrated because they were all trying to convince me "their side" is right. Why does there need to be this binary between creationism and evolution? There isn't proof for either view, why can't people just agree that they interpret the evidence differently? Why are the in-between views ignored? The creationist essays I read (very unreliable sources, so I'm not providing a link, but still interesting) claimed that evolution didn't happen because there isn't proof, so it must have been God that created the world. Is it just me, or does that logic make no sense? If someone wants to deny that evolution exists because it can't be proven, shouldn't they also deny God because it can't be proven he exists? I think realizing that people are allowed to believe what they want, and that neither view can be proven would be a useful attitude to take here.  Some informed discussion that keeps the previous point in mind would also be nice. What about schools? The truth is, a lot of what is taught in school is one side of the story, unproven or just plain lies. I don't see any lawsuits about how schools portray Columbus. I get that evolution threatens people in a way Columbus doesn't, but I still find it quite frustrating.


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