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the usefullness of metaphors

Although metaphors do emphasize and explore a specific aspect of whatever they are being compared to, I do not think that they bring us closer to a true meaning.  By comparing an original idea, in our case reading a book, to other activities or object, we are simply making parallels.  Yes, metaphors are associations, but they are not truly outside the box in my opinion.  Maybe we should have played association telephone?  With all the strange connections and overlaps in this course, I cannot help but think about how this relates to free will.  The metaphor-creating and new-course-creating excersize seemed to stay very much within the box.  When we were discussing free will, I said that I didn't believe people can generate truly new things.  Because of our inherent inability to create newness, I think it is natural that our ideas stayed inside the box.  If we are only making parallels when we find metaphors, are they useful to us?  Or do they create more distance between us and the original idea we wanted to explore?


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