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Opinion on "Sorrows of an American"

After reading Siri's book I reflected upon if I really like the story.  I have to say that I did enjoy the book, but after felt really crept out.  First of all when Eric starts to go on his fantasies about his neighbor, then with the stalker boyfriends, Miranda's drawings of monsters, the revengeful reporter, and the puppets I was a little uncomfortable.  I felt like I needed to keep my light on so that nothing would jump out at me or that I would have nightmares about life like puppets coming to get me.  I was also a little disappointed that at least one character wasn't having problems.  I felt like Eric needed to get through depression but not end in depression or at least melancholy.  Still, the book kept my attention throughout. I wasn't able to put it down wanting to know how the story would end, if everything would be resolved.  Nothing was resolved really and maybe that's what bothered me because in reality not every problem can be resolved in only three hundred pages. In life it can take forever to finally resolve an issue, thought, idea, etc., and maybe a problem is never resolved but you just move on.  I guess I like when stories have happy endings because it takes away some of the reality in my life, a place where I can escape.  Maybe I should give the book a chance, because I feel like I'm being to negative.  Okay, well I did enjoy Eggy's character and the talk at dinner about dreams which was very interesting.  That's all I have to say I just wanted to tell my opinion of the book.


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