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Reading Metaphorically

Having acknowledged, in the group upstairs this afternoon, that we are trained in to think "linearly" in all our academic work, we decided to try a game of thinking "associatively" about what happens when we read. It was a fascinating exercise, one that highlighted the different ways in which we read, and experience reading: for some of us, it is like moving into a habitation built by another; for others of us, it is we who do the building.

Enjoy!...and please feel welcome to add your own associations. What is foregrounded (esp. re: the reader's agency?) and what backgrounded in each of them?

the reader the text the writer
consciousness the unconscious
the therapist
rider horse trainer
swimmer river ??
dancer music choreographer
eater (or food critic?)
food chef
musician music composer
rock polisher stone volcano
gardener plants soil
apartment dweller apartment architect
sail wind sailor
driver car manufacturer


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