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The reason I was late with a

The reason I was late with a posting this week was because I wanted to see if a class discussion would help me with understanding Leaves of Grass.  However, I left class feeling as confused as I was when reading.  Like Rica, I am still trying to understand our transition from science to literature (After professor Grobstein's bridge today, I think I only now understand why we are using art as an intermediate).  Also, like Rina, I feel incapable of thinking abstractly.  I feel as though with art, I  find it easier to come up with my own meaning when I am looking at an abstract painting.  When it comes to Whitman though, I feel completely lost.  I am used to seeing poetry written with a structured form and rhythmic pattern like Sir Longsfellow and Whitman's form threw me for a loop.  By seeing this new form, any potential I had for understanding the content was gone because I was so focused on understanding why he was writing the way he was. 


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