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I know that as a class we are transitioning from the story of evolution to the evolution of stories. This is clear to me as that is the class of the title and more and more we've been discussing literature in readings and class. Though I know this is what is happening I am still just as confused as I was at the beginning of class in january. As we talk in class it makes sense to me, what we are saying, but I just don't think that i can ever form a definite conclusion about anything we discuss. I may agree or disagree with what we discuss, but I think that's as far as I can go. 

Going back... does truth exist? To me this is the most interesting question we have debated in class and I have favored the idea of the non-existence of truth. At the same time is it "true" to assume that "truth doesn't exist". Who's to say that tomorrow something won't be true for ever. 


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