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The first question that

The first question that thought was Am I predictable?  If I knew everything about myself, my genes, cultural influences, etc. could I figure out my next move?  I don't think I could because with every discussion I have some choices.  Even knowing my background I could suddenly decide that I want to change and instead choose a different path than the one I have been following.

Then Thursday we began our discussion about the articles that we read.  That in order to truly take in the goal or meaning of something you don't try to find a representation.  Although I now feel like I have to break another of the rules that was taught to me in school.  Beginning in art class, the teacher will tell us look at a painting, listen to music, tell me what it represents, and tell me the story.  Now I can't even try to find a story within a picture.  Right when Professor Dalke showed us the painting by Pollock I immediately tried to find some picture.  I have done this many times when going through an art museum, I want to make the picture interesting, and I want to find my own thoughts about it, my own representations.  It is like when I lay out on the grass in the summer, look up at the sky and point out the different shapes of the clouds, seeing bunnies, dragons, etc.  For art really I couldn't care why the artist painted it, or try to take in the whole painting without representations.   I just want to enjoy the painting make it my own game of guess the blobs.  Maybe that's why I like science, it's a game to me, a quest in trying to figure out the unfamiliar blobs and make sense out of them.  It doesn't matter why something was created but just if I can't understand it, I can enjoy the wonders of the world and the things I can explore.  I'm still keeping my mind open to figuring out how to do interpretation without representation and science without method along with the connection with Whitman's writings.


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