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What is this class. After

What is this class. After session on Thursday, I just walked out insanly annoyed at it, because I feel like we keep going in circles.

Talking about science and art and philosphy as ways of thinking trying to reach a goal to talk about the world around us.  But with new inventions being created, how can we say we're just trying to copy the world? I can't remember the artist's name, but he autographed a toliet seat and it sold for millions as art. Art has such a wide breath of stuff under it, it's impossible to say all of it is trying to represent our reality.  I can see the ideas in reality as a tool to perfect or help art change or evolve, but like Professor Grobstein said, art can only be just as good as the real thing.

I think science is the same way as art. It's applied in many different ways, such as the invention of the phone to the internet, but also to understand chemical reactions and the large hadron collider looking for bosons. Science mimics the world around it in order to understand certain systems, but I think in other ways the ideas and functions of reality are only a tool to try to perfect whatever creative idea the inventor is making or using science to do.


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