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Week 7


As we discussed Dennett in class I found myself very drawn to his idea of everything being determined by biology and culture.  It makes a lot of sense.  If we trust so strongly in the idea of evolution then we are just like everything else, evolved from a common ancestor.  It is just vain of us to think we are so special.  However, even though this explanation is so logical, there is just something inside me that says it can’t be right.  I am typically one to trust in science and logic over imagination and creativity, but there is just something that is hard to explain that seems to make humans more than just predictable animals.  Humans create great works of art, compose symphonies, and so many other extraordinary things that I don’t believe can really be explained by genes or cultural history.  Even though it makes sense for humans to be predetermined by genes and culture, it just don’t feel right.  I believe there is some aspect of human nature that is so special that hasn’t yet been, or might never be fully explained.   


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