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On our discussion of Thursday we cleared up what foundationalism means. We decided that a foundational view believes in two worlds with one of the worlds determining or being the explanation for what happens in the other world. For example, heaven (God) determining what happens on earth.  Foundationalists also believe in having a plan or intention.  After clearing up foundationalism we were able to get more into depth of skyhook vs. crane. It seems Dennett is wrong on the account of of taking away skyhooks. They seem to be important in people's beliefs.  I feel that skyhooks are our dreams what we want to reach for. If Dennett keeps stomping those dreams then what is there to reach for? What is there to change? Because with each dream being achieved then a new one can form and be pursued. It can be kind of boring if you just stick with one belief, never changing, never learning.  With these beliefs a person can be a skyhook non-foundationalist. You just have to be able to question your beliefs because they are able to change with their exploration.  Yay to skyhooks, keep them close, cause you never know when they can become reality.


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