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Where's the free will?

Free will is something that doesn't exist. It is an outdated term and the only reason it continues to exist in our vocabulary is because we cannot seem to part with it. We are clinging on to it as our last shred of hope to give us control over our lives. The only place where the idea of free will exists is in the present. No matter how much we think we could have done differently we cannot change the past or the future and this makes man feel very claustrophobic. Not having the options of changing our actions we go into a state of denial and call it free will where we assume that all that we have done or not done has been due to our own free will. We are to an extent delusional about free will and its role in our lives.

Free will is said to be about choice-making, that we as humans have the choice to do something or not do something. But sometimes we ignore the fact that maybe we couldn't have done otherwise. Maybe we did not have any option to begin with, that we were going to make that choice no  matter what and even if we had had previous knowledge of it being a bad choice we would not have been able to change it even we had the chance to do it all over again.


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