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Well, I feel that people have equated Evolution as analogous to a crane and God to a skyhook and are not comfortable replacing them with each other.

 We have multiple faiths who worship different Gods and these different Gods have been used inorder to explain the human diversity so far. No one group has to really justify for their God being true while another’s is false. This multiplicity of religions has to lead to the concept of superiority and inferiority of races. And this concept of superiority is what humans are scared of losing because evolution is one standard concept. It doesn’t vary from one race to another. It doesn’t differentiate in a manner that can be controlled and manipulated for anyone’s convenience. This is what in my opinion has kept people who can accept and understand evolution from doing just that. It isn’t the question of how much we need skyhooks or God or Religion , it is about how we can use the idea of skyhooks and God to appease ourselves.


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