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Dennett believes that

Dennett believes that "skyhooks" are destructive and that they should be gotten rid of all together. I have not read far enough to know why he believes getting rid of "skyhooks" would make the world less destructive, but it was mentioned in class that he may be against "skyhooks" because there are various kinds of "skyhooks", which people argue about. From class, we now know that by "skyhooks", he is referring to religion (the hand of God is holding the skyhook). Therefore, he wants to get rid of religion because the differences in religious views have caused destruction in the world. Dennett seems to think that by getting rid of religion, there would only be one belief of life origins, evolution. However, I do not necessarily think that getting rid of religion and believing in only evolution would create less conflict. I feel that even evolution would contain different beliefs within it because it is a theory and not a fact. It does have more evidence to support it, but the evidence is still unclear and can be interpreted in different ways. As a result, destruction may still be present.


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