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In our group discussion we talked about Dennett's purpose or what he wanted to lead us to believe.  It all came back to skyhooks vs. cranes.  Dennett wants to completely stomp skyhooks and never hear anyone using a skyhook as an explanation for some idea.  Although that may be a good place to start we decided that skyhooks were useful because they can lead us to explorations and figuring out if a goal or fantasy can be turned into reality.  Probably a good example was the landing on the moon which many though impossible but became possible.  In order to keep skyhooks we need to remove the second world that it is hanging from, a.k.a heaven.  Then once removing this second world what does the skyhook hang upon. Is it our minds, thoughts, ideas, or do the skyhooks just defy gravity and hang on nothing?  I guess I'm betting on our thoughts what we can imagine is what the skyhook represents.  Although some of our ideas may not be based upon anything it still can become a reality in time.  Although I still need to think over the idea of skyhooks and its basis to then figure out what it hangs upon.

About Dennett, I feel that we are now stomping his beliefs.  He has written this book to try and explain his thoughts on evolution and yet can just make me more confused with each metaphor.  Although I have enjoyed his ideas I guess it is his tone that turns everyone away from his ideas.  Throughout our discussions we have found some useful metaphors but many that are contradicted by what their definitions really mean, for example algorithms.  I guess I'm trying to figure out how we can put our prejudices aside, forget about his tone and try very hard to understand his thoughts.  Then again it is our prejudices that have lead to some very interesting discussions.  


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