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Week 5

This week our class questioned the role of nerve cells in brain and behavior, but the mind/brain problem is also relevant to our discussion. The causes of depression, and other neurological disorders, are thought to be a combination of biochemical, genetic and environmental factors. Studies have indicated that nerve cells, specifically neurotransmitters, are linked to depression. Also, depression may be more common among biological family members and seems to correspond to specific genes. Even without the foundation of biochemical or genetic factors, it is thought that environmental factors may cause depression.

Recently the media has focused on stressful life events, like losing a home, that have had a profound impact on mental wellbeing ( "Recession depression" has caused many people around the world to experience feelings of anxiety, depression and severe mental illness. As we continue to struggle through the financial meltdown, there is no denying that both the brain and mind contribute to behavior.


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